SISC pseudonym of Saïd Sabir, Born in 1989 in Morocco, he is one of the many young talents emerging from the street art scene. For this designer, street art is much more than a movement or a technique, it is first and foremost a way of understanding life. As a child, Saïd Sabir already draws compulsively but his vocation is truly revealed to him as a teenager when he discovers hip-hop music and graffiti artists evolving in this urban environment. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. After studying graphic design, the Moroccan artist embarked on the creation of his first paintings in 2011. They mix then notable influences of pop-art but his art evolves quickly and his production multiplies. Saïd proves to be prolific and gradually emancipates himself to find his own style. He works both with a spray can and with a brush on his canvases, which allows him to play on a certain spontaneity of movement while carefully choosing each color used. Nevertheless, Sabir is a perfectionist who never stops reviewing his technique and improving his style over the works. He likes to exchange his knowledge with other artists during his travels and his style is influenced and sublimated. For him, you never stop learning and that's the only thing that really matters. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Also, the painter is widely engaged in his paintings. Each portrait has a message to deliver, a story to tell. He often insists on the importance of each of them in his personal life; they relate encounters and become witnesses to them for eternity. Saïd thus considers that the artist has an immense power usually reserved for the gods: the power of creation.



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